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2022/07/19We have shed new light on the evolutionary pathways that allowed some land animals to transition back into aquatic environments, particularly extremely cold ones such as the seas around Antarctica. The study was published in Nature Communications on July 19.
2022/06/16Our team revealed the brain specialization that accompanies social division of labor in social insects, and constructed a single-cell transcriptome map of the brain covering all roles of labor division in ant society. The results were published in Nature Ecology and Evolution on June 16.
2022/06/10Professor Guojie Zhang was invited to discuss the significance of the T2T genome for life evolution and disease research in Nature Methods.
2022/04/20Our team, together with several research groups, released the research results on the evolution of marsupials. We tackle the problem of why DNA data and morphological characters often show conflicting results when inferring the phylogeny, and why morphological characters often yield unreliable phylogenetic trees. The results were published online in the top international academic journal Cell on April 20, 2022.
2022/04/13Prof. Guojie Zhang's personal homepage has been launched.
2022/02/21 Prof. Guojie Zhang joined as Chair Professor in Zhejiang University.
2021/04/28 Our team led and cooperated with Chinese and foreign scientists to analyze and assemble the whole genome data of marmosets, a non-human primate, in a new way for the first time, and found a new model for high-quality genome analysis. The relevant results were published in the well-known academic journal Nature.
2021/02/05 Our new research, a paper presented the genomes of these “ancient fishes”, bichir, American paddlefish, bowfin and alligator gar, focusing on the key transition in vertebrate evolution from water to land, was published in the Cell journal.
2021/01/07 Our new research,the platypus and echidna genome paper, focusing on the the evolution of mammals and the unqiue sex chromosome system in the two species, was published in Nature
2020/11/11 B10K announces the completion of its second milestone—the release of genomes representing 92% of all bird families in Nature on 12th November 2020 as cover story. In this study, researchers reported the genomes of for 363 bird species including 267 new genomes, established a new pipeline to analyze the unprecedented scale of genomic data, and illustrated how these resources give improved resolution on genomic evolution analyses.
2020/10/01 Alivia Lee Price joined the center as technician.
2020/09/01 Hwei-yen Chen started her Marie-Curie Fellowship in the center. She will work on the mutation loads in ants.
2020/08/01 We welcome Daniel Bilyeli Øksnebjerg joined the centre to coordinate the B10K sample collection.
2020/02/17 The center hosted the 2nd B10K Consortium Workshop in Copenhagen.
2020/01/01The Villum Centre for Biodiversity Genomics is formally opened.
2019/11/22Bitao Qiu sucessfully defenced his PhD on 'Evo-devo of ants’.
2019/09/01Ryan Ross Germain joined our group as postdoc working on bird demographic history.
2019/08/05We are looking for volunteers to assist on ant sample collection throughout China. Please contact us if you are interested. We will provide the protocols and cover the related expenses for you. Thanks!
2019/06/21Science published a special issue this week on Ruminant Genome Project which co-led by Prof. Wen Wang, Dr. Rasmus Heller, and Prof. Guojie Zhang
2019/04/02Prof. Guojie Zhang received a Villum Investigator Grant (40M DKK) from Villum Foundation for establishing a centre on biodiversity genomics.
2019/01/18Using whole genome sequencing of contemporary and historic crested ibis, our group explore how their genetic diversity has changed through time. Study is now published on Current Biology!
2018/11/28Guojie Zhang was recognized as a Highly Cited Researcher for 2018 in Cross-Field by Calrivate Analytics
2018/10/24Towards reconstructing the ancestral brain gene-network regulating caste differentiation in ants.
2018/08/06The population study of the genetic mechanism underlying the rapid behavior changes under the domestication experiment for red fox is published in Nature ecology & evolution.
2018/04/24First AsiaEvo, Connecting Asian Evolutionary Biologists to the World! Over 800 delegates from 34 countries met in Shenzhen, China from 18-20 April for the first AsiaEvo Conference. The conference hosted 44 symposia and attracted contributions from many fields.
2018/02/19The hologenomic study of the common vampire bat genome and its gut metagenome is published in Nature ecology & evolution
2017/11/17Our study on fast behavior change of Purto Rico's Africanized honeybee was published in Nature Communications.
2017/09/15The 1st AsiaEvo Conference online registration is available! Early Bird Registration Deadline: February 1st, 2018. Register Now to Save 1300 CNY!
2017/09/01The 1st AsiaEvo Conference includes 44 parallel sessions covering all major fields in evolution and attendance of over 100 distinguished speakers from all over the world is confirmed!
2017/09/01We are pleased to announced four new members joined our lab today. Josefin Stiller who was trained as Phd from UCSD on phylogenomics will work on the B10K project for her postdoc training. Lucie Bergeron will work on her PhD project about mutation rate evolution. Jonas Madsen and Lisa Eigil Brandenborg will work on the ant behaviour and development for their master projects.
2017/07/17The GAGA project is now live! The goals of the project is explained in Myrmecoological News.
2017/07/04The genomic study of the sand rat published in PNAS reveals why this desert rodent is susceptible to nutritionally induced diabetes.
2017/06/28We are pleased to have two lovely girls, Ms. Minqi Cai and Jinxiang Shi from Southeast university, join us as interns!
2017/06/08The genome of the endangered Chinese Crocodile Lizard (Shinisaurus crocodilurus) was published in GigaScience.
2017/02/06The study of Aves class-specific cis-regulatory elements which shed light on the evolution of flight feathers is published in Nature Communications today. This is a new paper from the B10K project!
2016/12/24Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all!
2016/11/01The genome of leopard gecko was published in Gigascience.
2016/10/27The first B10K workshop was held in Beijing during 27-29th Oct, 2016.
2016/10/06The study of evolutionary trajectories of snake genes and genomes was published in Nature Communications.
2016/09/09We moved to our new office in China National Genebank (CNGB) today.
2016/06/03We are delighted to have Mr. Bo Ji join our team as a bioinformatics technician.
2016/05/03We are delighted to have Ms. Chunxue Guo join our team as the new administrative coordinator.
2015/06/03We formally announced the initiative of the Bird 10,000 Genomes (B10K) Project in Nature today.
2015/05/18The study of temporal dynamics of avian populations during pleistocene is published on Current Biology.
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